Julio Cesar Ody is fiery-tongued Brazilian national residing in Australia. A former musician and currently a computer programmer with interests spanning information security and design, when he's not semi-secretly living a parallel life as a practising magician, Julio consults in the field for companies all around the world.

Julio Cesar Ody

His lifelong pursuit of the mysteries of spirit working, particularly those pertaining to hotter spirits, began at a very young age with the regular performance of séances and experiments with The Book of Saint Cyprian in the mountains in the south of Brazil, and later led him through to the relentless study and practice of Brazilian espiritismo and Solomonic magic. He has also travelled to the Caribbean and the Americas for ingress into sorceries such as Obeah and Makaya.

Julio’s discourses on his experiences of magic and spirits can also be seen in his blog, Crossing Sun.