Many of our titles are available in digital format. As a gesture of thanks we gift the digital edition with all print books purchased directly from our website, if one is available for the title. We send these out when we process your order for shipping. You will receive a download link to a .zip file containing an epub file (for every reader or device except the Kindle) or as a mobi file (for Kindle).

The epub file can be opened in iBooks on a Mac. For Windows, you will first need to download an ebook-reading program, such as Adobe Digital Editions. The mobi file can be read on a Kindle or on any device with the Kindle app, available to download from Amazon. Our digital editions can also be purchased through Amazon, if you do not require a print book.

Digital edition license

Our digital editions are free of Digital Rights Management (DRM-free), but are subject to the terms of this license. You own the file once you've downloaded it, and you can use it on any of your devices in perpetuity. You are prohibited from uploading Scarlet Imprint digital editions to any website or file-sharing network, or in any other way making them available for distribution, sharing, copying, downloading, or reselling.