Reasonances launch party

Atlantis Bookshop · Friday 28 November

¶ Join Carl Abrahamsson – the man behind a web of cultural and artistic exploits and artefacts – and Scarlet Imprint, for the launch party of Reasonances and a night of occultural hijinks.  The evening starts at seven and will continue until late. Please send an rsvp to us or email to be added to the […]

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Xing the Line

Central London · Wednesday 26 November

¶ Paul Holman will be reading with Isabel Waidner and Richard Makin at Xing the Line, upstairs at the Apple Tree, 45 Mount Pleasant, London WC1X 0AE on the evening of Wednesday 26 November from 7:30 onwards. Paul Holman’s Tara Morgana has received excellent reviews, and it is always insightful to see a poet performing their […]

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Sorcery & social change

Bournemouth · Saturday 24 January 2015

¶ Peter Grey will be among the speakers presenting at the Visible College Bournemouth Session. The event will focus on the history of persecution suffered by new faiths and esoteric practices, the history of the modern witchcraft movement, and how we can fight to protect our future and the future of the next generation of […]

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Previous Events

Footage of selected presentations from past events is available on our youtube channel for those unable to attend in person

Presentation Requests

If you would like our authors to speak at your event, in the first instance please send a request to us via email