The Enchanted Market

Garth Hill College, Bracknell · Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 February

Peter Grey will be speaking on Sex and the Sabbat at The Enchanted Market 2015 in Bracknell. This is a two day event with workshops, speakers and live bands, under the auspices of Dolmen Grove. The talk will form the basis for an essay in The Brazen Vessel, his forthcoming collection with Alkistis Dimech, and builds on ideas in Apocalyptic Witchcraft.

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The Occult Conference 2015

Glastonbury · Saturday 21 March

The Visible College and the Occult Conference ally forces with a joint event across multiple venues. The theme is Weapons Of The Gods – the tools we as magicians use to influence the world around us. Protection, Divination, Trance, Invocation, Evocation, Sigil Magick, Dream Oracles, and the Body will be covered, in both theory and practice. Meanwhile, The Visible College will present […]

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