A Day of Conjure and Cunning Craft

Catland Books, Brooklyn, NYC · Saturday 12th September

Jake Stratton-Kent will be making a rare appearance in America on 12th September at Catland Books in Brooklyn for a day of Conjure and Cunning Craft. A meeting of Old World and New, hosted and presented by Madam Misha. Also speaking are Troy Chambers, Jesse Hathaway, Stephen Grasso and Al Cummins.

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Dragons in the Arte

Thistle Hotel, Cardiff · Saturday 10th October

Peter Grey will present a talk entitled ‘Satan’s Treasures: Dragons, Books and the Volatilised Landscape,’ on 10th October for the Cardiff Session of The Visible College. Other speakers will be Gary Nottingham, Charlene Putney and The Kite.

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Previous Events

Footage of selected presentations from past events is available on our youtube channel for those unable to attend in person

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