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testament of cyprian

nara morgana is our latest title, a work of pure magical writing by Paul Holman now available for pre-order.

Part magical diary, part dreamscape, part Situationist dérive through the landscape, Tara Morgana is an enigmatic record of ritual practice from the poet. This is not a book about magic, rather, it is a magical book.

Paul Holman is a lucid poet whose writing, with its concise yet elusive energy, takes us down into the tunnels, ghosts broken urban spaces where decay is overwritten with the ingress of the wild.

The book is splintered by a sequence of photographic images: glimpsed spirit portraits, apparitions captured in the play and decay of light, giving it an otherworldly aspect. Tara Morgana is a truly esoteric and numinous text, a beautifully realised work that leads us on two parallel journeys of poetry and image, through the world and work of living magical artists.

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dhe Testament of Cyprian the Mage by Jake Stratton-Kent is released into the world.

The final work in the Encyclopaedia Goetica series, this is a two-volume work in royal octavo, printed throughout in red and black ink with specially commissioned illustrations by Oliver Liebeskind.

The text addresses The Testament of Solomon and a version of the Iberian Book of St Cyprian. We encounter the Chiefs, Kings and Queens of the grimoire tradition; the magical role of the Decans; the gods of Time; the Sibyl and the Hygromanteia; Asmodeus and Oriens; Angelology, Theurgy, Conjunction and the Pact, the Angelic Vice-regent and thwarting Angels; Asclepius, Iamblichus and Neo-Platonism; Paracelsus and Elemental Spirits; Necromancy, and the principles of spell work.
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