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Seeking Faust

Seeking Faust is a play by the poet Dale Pendell, author of the acclaimed Pharmako trilogy on psychoactive plants, a comedy of 13 scenes in prose, following a verse prologue. The dramatic form is apposite, invoking its origins in the archaic rites of Dionysus, the god of vegetal life, intoxication and revolution. The text is graced with 8 charming pen & ink illustrations by the artist Jennifer Rain Crosby.

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Sorcery & social change

Bournemouth · Saturday 24 January 2015

Peter Grey will be among the speakers presenting at the Visible College Bournemouth Session. The event will focus on the history of persecution suffered by new faiths and esoteric practices, the history of the modern witchcraft movement, and how we can fight to protect our future and the future of the next generation of pagans and occultists.

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