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Reasonances is ​an anthology of selected essays, lectures and interviews by​ occultural pioneer Carl Abrahamsson. A subversive, creative, psychedelic collection of 23 essays: on the history of occult art, the formula of Babalon ​as supra-sexual transformation​, the mechanics of magic, the need for a new magical terminology and more, from a magician who is engaged with ​counterculture, ​occulture​​ and incursions into the wider culture.

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The Enchanted Market

Garth Hill College, Bracknell · Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 February

Peter Grey will be speaking on Sex and the Sabbat at The Enchanted Market 2015 in Bracknell. This is a two day event with workshops, speakers and live bands, under the auspices of Dolmen Grove. The talk will form the basis for an essay in The Brazen Vessel, his forthcoming collection with Alkistis Dimech, and builds on ideas in Apocalyptic Witchcraft.

 Scarlet Imprint was founded in 2007 with the talismanic publication of 156 copies of The Red Goddess. We have established ourselves, in the following years, as one of the leading publishers of the contemporary occult world, with a progressive catalogue of books on the Western magical tradition, witchcraft, the African Diaspora religions, esoteric poetry & occulture.
  Our work supports practising magicians, students of the occult arts, the esoteric community and the fine book arts. Our titles are notable for their erudition and scholarly standards, which are are conjoined with the unique insight born of practice and experience. Furthermore, we are committed to presenting material with artistry and the highest standards of craft. All typography and design is done in house, with the aim of unfolding a modern and vital esoteric aesthetic that both manifests the numen of the book and contributes to the tradition of the fine book arts.
  Our titles are available in limited standard hardbacks and fine editions, in conjunction with the unlimited Bibliothèque Rouge paperback editions. Email us with the subject line ‘subscribe’ if you wish to receive announcements of forthcoming titles, as well as pre-order of our standard & fine editions.


Spring will see the publication of Alchemy Rising: The Green Book, the inaugural volume in a series of works on the Sacred Art by the alchemist Heliophilus.