Apocalyptic Witchcraft in Brazil

June 7, 2017

A Portuguese translation of Apocalyptic Witchcraft will soon be available from Penumbra Livros, a Brazilian publisher who have previously translated works by Kenneth Grant and Peter J. Carroll. Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold (whose Craft of the Untamed is also on their catalogue) has kindly written a preface to the work which we would like to share with you in English.

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The Game of Saturn in paperback

May 31, 2017

Today we approved the proof of the Bibliothèque Rouge paperback edition of The Game of Saturn. Printed in full colour on 150 gsm paper, the paperback, like the hardback, captures the vivid brilliance of the Sola-Busca tarocchi. It will be available on our website in 10 to 14 days, and will be £40 plus postage.

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Trans-States conference videos

February 25, 2017

Videos of the presentations from the 2016 Trans-States conference at the University of Northampton are now online. The transdisciplinary conference brought together academics, independent scholars, magical practitioners and artists under the aegis of The Art of Crossing Over. Peter spoke on Becoming No-Man: The blooded path to Babalon; and Alkistis on Where the daimon dwells: A chorography of the space between

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Update: The Game of Saturn & Sola-Busca tarot

February 3, 2017

We are very pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan, who have the only complete set of the Sola-Busa tarot, for the use of the images in Peter Mark Adams’ The Game of Saturn. The colour and clarity of these images is breathtaking and has facilitated […]

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The Abbey of Thelema, Cefalù

December 28, 2016

A visual record of the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalù, 27th December 2016

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Last post dates for 2016

December 12, 2016

This is the last week for orders before the seasonal madness takes hold. We recommend buying as early as possible to avoid the delays that inevitably occur at this time of year with International Post. We will be posting hardbacks from the UK until this Saturday, December 17, and resuming in the New Year.

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Talking Magic in 2017 – Rune Soup podcast birthday

December 1, 2016

Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech of Scarlet Imprint join Gordon White for the first birthday of the Rune Soup podcast. We discuss magic and spirit contact in the wild, breaking bread with friends, the highlights of 2016 and trends in the magical discourse as we all look forward to 2017.

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Insights into Cyprian the Mage

November 15, 2016

A considered review of JSK’s The Testament of Cyprian the Mage has been posted by Frater Acher on his Theomagica site. His opinion is that the book …is what people call an instant classic. Yet for the practicing magician it is so much more than that: it is an invitation into a land most of us had believed long lost.

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Bibliothèque Rouge digital editions available on Amazon kindle

October 30, 2016

Our titles are now available on Amazon Kindle. This is for the benefit of those of our readers who prefer the convenience and portability of an e-book; and for our authors so that their work can reach a wider audience. We will continue to give away the digital version gratis with every purchase of a physical book, whether hardback or paperback, bought direct from us at scarletimprint.com

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Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold talking Ifá on Rune Soup | rare and oop editions

October 21, 2016

Nicholaj was recently on the Rune Soup podcast, talking Ifá (and much more besides) with Gordon White. Highly recommended if you haven’t heard it yet. We have also discovered a few copies of some standard hardback editions of out of print titles…

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Forthcoming: The Game of Saturn by Peter Mark Adams

September 16, 2016

We are delighted to announce our next title, The Game of Saturn: Decoding the Sola-Busca Tarot by Peter Mark Adams, pre-order opens December 14, 2016. It is the first full length, scholarly study of the enigmatic Renaissance masterwork known as the Sola-Busca tarot. The recovery of the deck’s encoded narratives constitutes a significant contribution to Renaissance scholarship, art history, tarot studies and the history of Western esotericism.

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Ifá: A Forest of Mystery – shipping update

August 9, 2016

A progress report and update for those waiting for Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold’s Ifá: A Forest of Mystery.

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Babalon & Other Plays reviewed by Matthew Levi Stevens

August 1, 2016

‘I have written elsewhere that it is among the power of Words to weave Worlds, summon Ghosts, and make them live again. To my mind, Paul A. Green certainly succeeds in conjuring worlds both real and imaginary, and animating their inhabitants so that his Ghosts walk once more upon the stage and have their say. As such, he is undoubtedly a Master of Words, and deserves to be read for it.’ – Matthew Levi Stevens

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Forging the body of the Witch

June 22, 2016

Witchcraft is the work of the body, of its processes and dreams, a narcoleptic entanglement of the unseen and the palpably, palpitating here. I speak a charm for hair and blood and skin and vein, to muscle, nerve and fascia, to flesh, organ and bone. My aim: to clothe the work of the witch in the body from which it has fled in fear, rejected, or been driven from in pain.

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Talking Babalon on the Rune Soup podcast

June 2, 2016

Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey engage in an impassioned discussion about Babalon and The Red Goddess on the Runesoup podcast. Topics covered include John Dee and Edward Kelley, the ‘Daughter of Fortitude’ transmission, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron, Liber 49 and witchcraft.

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Fly the Light

May 13, 2016

Presented by Peter Grey at the Psychoanalysis, Art and the Occult symposium in London on Friday 6th May 2016 | The occult is traditionally seen by its practitioners as an art of shadows, their calling, casting, conversation and compulsion. From figures on the cave wall, to goetic ritual and necromantic enquiry, the shade has been our constant companion. …

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May 11, 2016

Thanks to everyone who made the #psychartcult conference such a great success. Kudos in particular to Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson for curating an important cross-disciplinary meeting of minds. Great for us to be able to connect with the New York occultists we had only known in virtual space and to present our work to a wider audience of artists and psychoanalysts with whom we share common ground

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Occult Art Exhibition

April 28, 2016

The Psychoanalysis, Art and the Occult symposium is rapidly approaching. The opening evening and exhibition are free to attend. If you are in London and want to see works by Austin Osman Spare, Genesis P Orridge, Val Denham et al, come and join us

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The Mother.Ship has docked

March 29, 2016

We received the fine bound Mother.Ship edition of Gordon White’s Star.Ships today.

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Extra Dimensional Entities

March 21, 2016

Gordon White returns to The Higherside Chats to discuss the influence of extra-dimensional agencies on human history.

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