Paul Green grew up in London and studied at Oxford and the University of British Columbia. Magickal techniques are central to his writing practice, which is ultimately an exploratory process. Thus his pursuit of the arcana of magic and the enigmas of esoterica is exemplified not only in Babalon and Other Plays but in poetry, as in his collection The Gestaltbunker (Shearsman 2012) and in such novels as The Qliphoth (Libros Libertad 2007) and Beneath the Pleasure Zones (Mandrake of Oxford 2014).


He has made radio documentaries on aspects of the occult and paranormal featuring Colin Wilson, Francis X. King, and Iain Sinclair, among others; while the plays have been broadcast on BBC Radio 3, CBC Canada, RTE Ireland and Resonance FM and have been staged by Travesty Theatre and New Theatre Works. He has performed or presented at many venues, most recently at the Final Academy, Magickal Arte Bristol, the Moot with No Name, the Electric Palace Hastings and St Augustine’s Tower in Hackney. He has especially enjoyed collaborations whether with musicians like the late Vincent Crane or with the artist Jeremy Welsh, creating video poems like The Slow Learning and Radial City. He now lives in Hastings.