The Game of Saturn shortlisted for design award

We were delighted to hear late last week that the fine edition of The Game of Saturn has been selected as a finalist for the British Book Design and Production Awards 2017. Our thanks to Ludlow Bookbinders, particularly binder Richard Tong for his incredible craftsmanship.


In 2010 we were shortlisted for the fine edition of XVI, when we had been publishing for only three years. Seven years later, we thought the fine edition of The Game of Saturn was something special, so entered it into this year's awards. Books are recognised for 'exceptional design, free of typographical errors, with particular emphasis given to excellent layout and standards of typography.'

We're up against some truly fantastic books, including the Folio Society's edition of The Call of Cthulhu, so it is gratifying to receive this recognition of our typography and design work.

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