Launching The Brazen Vessel

On Friday 5th July we launched The Brazen Vessel at Treadwell's Bookshop in London. It was a fabulous evening, a perfect resolution to a week anxiously waiting to see whether we would have the books in time. As we took the train from Cornwall to London, we heard that both hardbacks and paperbacks had been delivered. And the wine. All would be well!

Our thanks to Christina and the team at Treadwell’s for hosting the party, and to all those who came and made the evening so special. It was wonderful to talk and make connections in the flesh, to share thoughts and exchange stories, to discover how much passion and creativity there is in our community. It was truly emotional seeing so many good friends and family gathered together.

The Brazen Vessel launch at Treadwells

The evening was also something of a birthday celebration for us, being almost 12 years to the day since we published The Red Goddess on 7th July 2007. The Brazen Vessel gathers an extensive selection of our works from our first presentation until November 2019, so it felt right to give a talk that gives some background and insight into our work.

A recording was made by Victoria Musson. Christina Oakley-Harrington introduces the book, after which Alkistis Dimech speaks on our work and engagement with Babalon, and closes by taking a few questions from attendees.

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