Jinn Sorcery

We are delighted to share details of our forthcoming publication of Jinn Sorcery by Rain Al-Alim, a compilation of jinn conjurations and rituals translated from rare Arabic manuscripts in the author's private collection.

Zawb'ah Abu Hasan Al'Abyad, the demon king of Friday, one of the seven  muluk al-ardii , or terrestrial kings. From  Kitab al-Bulhan

Zawb'ah Abu Hasan Al'Abyad, the demon king of Friday, one of the seven muluk al-ardii, or terrestrial kings. From Kitab al-Bulhan

Following an introduction summarising traditional beliefs about the world and nature of the jinn, the author proceeds to describe the Middle Eastern occult methods for summoning these beings, techniques of dream divination, the mandal and invocation. In his Preface, Al-Alim writes:

Many of the methods and techniques covered in the old Arabic manuscripts and grimoires are unknown to Western readers. This book is primarily intended for this audience, presenting a complete translation of jinn summoning techniques selected from multiple magical treatises that will bridge the gap between the Western and Islamic occult sciences. My wish is to facilitate the exchange of esoteric ideas between the two worlds, and to inspire further research on the subject.

The main body of the work comprises translations into English of numerous rituals and operations selected from manuscripts, primarily from Egypt and Morocco, in the author's collection.

As there are few texts in English on this subject, Jinn Sorcery will be of intense interest to Western practitioners of the grimoire traditions and Solomonic magic. The book is scheduled to be published Winter 2017.

Rain Al-Alim is the nom de plume of the author, who has chosen to remain anonymous to avoid the stigmatisation that practitioners of magic and sorcery can experience in his country. He holds a degree in journalism and is currently studying Arabic philology; and he has studied and practised the occult arts for approximately 17 years. His general interest and field of research are the magical traditions of the Middle East or Arabic magic known as Rohaniya. He also practices Sihr Soufli (from the Arabic 'underworld magic,' or 'black magic') which is related to the shayteen and underworld jinn. Rain started on his path as a student of a local Turkish magician, or hodja, and then continued with other teachers and practitioners from Arabic countries. Throughout his years of study and research he has collected many manuscripts, printed editions and handwritten records of local magicians and sheikhs in Arabic, Persian and Turkish. He possesses one of the richest libraries of Arabic occult literature in the Western world.

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