Scarlet Imprint was founded in 2007 in Brighton, England by Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey with the talismanic publication of 156 copies of The Red Goddess. We are committed to publishing work that inspires and supports our contemporaries; our catalogue encompasses the Western magical tradition, witchcraft, the African Diaspora religions, esoteric poetry, drama and occulture. Our authors are recognised as being at the vanguard of contemporary occultism.

Libido sciendi, the desire for knowledge

From  César-Antéchrist , Alfred Jarry (1895). Bibliothèque nationale de France.

From César-Antéchrist, Alfred Jarry (1895). Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Our publishing ethos is informed by a deep involvement in the magical arts; and by a longstanding appreciation of the magical and artistic anti-traditions: William Blake, Aleister Crowley, Alfred Jarry, Artaud, the Surrealists, Der Blaue Reiter, Die Brücke, Angus MacLise and TOPY amongst many others.

Books communicate beyond the words and images they carry within them; their appeal is both intellectual and sensual. The way in which physical books speak to our senses, through their materiality and physical presence, is fundamental to the way they connect us to our histories, giving a sense of continuity with the past and opening on to still evolving traditions. We draw inspiration from the fine book arts, and with each project seek to innovate as well as contribute to this tradition. As a publisher of magical books we approach the design as one would construct a talisman – the book is an object of power.

We are known for the excellence of our limited and fine edition work, however, we have also pioneered the egalitarian dissemination of progressive magical texts in unlimited paperback and digital editions under the Bibliothèque Rouge banner. All our editions are produced with the same attention to artistry and design; we intend our books be of lasting value and beauty, to be a source of inspiration and a pleasure to read.

Our hardback books are printed and bound in the United Kingdom, and our fine editions are hand-bound by the highly respected bindery at Ludlow in Shropshire. Most of our paperbacks are digitally printed in short runs in both the UK and the US, thus minimising the environmental impact and maintaining high production standards. All the materials we source are archival standard and FSC accredited, for hardback and paperback alike.