Founded in 2007 by Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey, with the talismanic publication of 156 copies of The Red Goddess, Scarlet Imprint is at the forefront of modern occult publishing. We are here to publish work that inspires our contemporaries and supports the ongoing resurgence in magic and esotericism.

Our catalogue encompasses the magical and esoteric traditions, witchcraft, esoteric poetry, drama and occulture. As well as books, we produce limited edition tarot decks and art prints. Editorial rigour is intrinsic to our publishing ethos, as is the attention we give to materials, design and typography. Our books are designed and typeset in house, and we are widely recognised for our aesthetic and artistry. Our fine editions are hand-bound by the highly respected bindery at Ludlow in Shropshire. The paperbacks are printed in short runs in both the UK and the US, minimising the environmental impact and maintaining high production standards. All the materials we source are archival standard and FSC accredited, for hardback and paperback alike.

Our work is informed by a deep involvement in the magical arts, and by a longstanding appreciation of the magical and artistic anti-traditions. The book is an object of power. As a publisher of magical books we approach the design as one would construct a talisman, in accord with the doctrine of sympathies, to give form to the author’s words and vision with a sensitivity to the numen or tutelary spirit of the work. Books communicate beyond the words and images within them, their virtue is at once intellectual and tactile. The way books speak to our senses is fundamental to the way they connect us to our histories, imparting a continuity with the past and opening into the future. Drawing inspiration from the fine book arts, we seek with each project to innovate, and contribute to the tradition.

We do not believe knowledge should be artificially restricted. To this end, we have pioneered the egalitarian dissemination of magical texts in unlimited paperback and digital editions under the Bibliothèque Rouge banner. As a gesture of thanks to our readers, we gift the digital edition with all print books purchased directly from our website (if one is available for the title).

Looking forwards, we aim to continue to publish the most exciting voices of the contemporary occult, supporting independent esoteric research and the evolution of the magical arts.