The Great Question was posed before a simple boarding school altar at the age of seven and for the next thirty three years Heliophilus struggled with the immensity and depth of that question. Through his wonderings for truth he reached out and touched mythology, philosophy, religion, science, until one day a way was opened to a hidden path.

Alchemy Rising: The Green Book
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He moved to the border country of South Shropshire where the plants are still pure and in abundance and where he and a small group of Alchemists gathered to study the sacred art. It has been eight years since that moment and in that time Heliophilus has explored the plant, mineral and metallic realms in great detail.

He lives alone with his dog, Mr. Raffles, and has chosen to remain anonymous, partly for it is his tradition, partly for truth’s sake and partly because he believes Alchemy is an art where the personality would only hinder its sacred teachings. After all: you are the Matter, you are the vessel, you are the thing to be transmuted.