Beneath the rose

The text of a talk given by Peter Grey at The Visible College in Glastonbury, UK on 21st March, 2015: ‘There is a certain irony in discussing secrecy in the panopticon of the modern world. Beneath the suspended rose of the conspirators, whether for or against the state, the occult virtue of secrecy is a somewhat quaint conceit…’

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On talismanic publishing

Presented on 31st May 2014, at the Here to Go II symposium in Trondheim, Norway. We were invited to talk about our work in the context of occulture; in ‘Secrecy and Revelation’ Peter Grey outlined some thoughts on esoteric, talismanic publishing, the book as an empowered magical object and on the process and purpose of creating such artifacts in a disenchanted culture.

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Bune & the eye of Night

The Eye of Night, of the goetic spirit Bune and the necromantic dream vessel. A talk given by Alkistis Dimech on 3rd November 2012 for the Day of the Dead in Glastonbury.

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Babalon, the embodiment of mystery

A presentation by Alkistis Dimech for our Pleasure Dome event on 21st July 2012, on the goddess known by numerous names and titles: Inanna, Ištar, Astarte, Hierodule of Heaven, the Holy Whore, and in more recent times, Babalon. The nature of the goddess demands an embodied practice...

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