Peter Grey

Peter Grey is the co-founder of Scarlet Imprint with Alkistis Dimech. He is a devotee of Babalon and the author of The Red Goddesswhich has become the standard work on the goddess of Revelation. A deliberately provocative telling of her story, this has become essential reading for many.
 His Apocalyptic Witchcraft has been called the most important modern book on witchcraft, placing it in the context of the Sabbat and in a landscape suffering climate and ecological collapse. It stands in the tradition of the work done by Peter Redgrove, Ted Hughes and Robert Graves. His latest work is Lucifer: Princeps, a study of the origins of the figure of Lucifer. Further essays can be found in Howlings, Devoted, At the Crossroads and XVI. His work has also appeared in numerous small journals and collections, such as The Fenris Wolf, as well as online.
 Peter Grey has spoken at public events and conferences in England, Scotland, Norway and the United States as well as closed gatherings. These have included Occulture, the Occult Conferences in Glastonbury and London, Treadwell’s Bookshop, the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, The PsychArtCult conference in London, Here to Go in Norway, the Trans-States conference in Northampton University and many Pagan Federation events. A long term supporter of the Museum of Witchcraft in his native Cornwall, his work on the Witches’ Sabbat was first given at the annual Friends of the Museum gathering. Presentations on witchcraft, grimoire magic and Lucifer can be seen on the Scarlet Imprint YouTube channel.