Michael Cecchetelli

Michael Cecchetelli has led an eclectic life, serving in the army as a combat engineer, working as a restauranteur, incarcerated as a federal prisoner, and being a lifelong student and practitioner of the magickal arts. He is presently a business professional and teacher of the grimoiric arts.
   Michael is a member of the well-regarded Gentlemen for Jupiter group and is an active blogger on the grimoire tradition as well as producing materia magica, such as talismans for fellow mages.
   His work for Scarlet Imprint can be found in Crossed Keys, a chimeric binding of The Black Dragon and the Enchiridion translated from the French with the seals redrawn, details of his own practice with the texts and further annotated by Peter Grey.

 A further practical essay on utilising the Græco Magical Papyri can be found in the collection At the Crossroads.

His website can be found here: http://thelionsdens.blogspot.co.uk/