Jake Stratton-Kent

Jake Stratton-Kent has been a goetic magician since 1972, making more than forty years of continuous goetic practice. His practical work integrates the magical papyri, italo-french grimoires in particular the Grimorium Verum and African traditional religions with a focus on Quimbanda and magia negra. His interest in magic spans the ancient, medieval, renaissance, and modern as well as stretching from the West to the Middle East and crucially, the New World. His scholarly approach is backed with a personal relationship with the spirits.
   Jake Stratton-Kent has produced three important titles for Scarlet Imprint which together comprise the Encyclopaedia Goetica, a groundbreaking project with profound implications for the Western magical tradition.
   The True Grimoire is a working necromancer’s version of the Grimorium Verum. Fully restored from the variant manuscripts and with much additional material, this is clearly a labour of love.
   Geosophia builds upon the thesis of the True Grimoire, that we are heirs to a system of chthonic goetic magic that constitutes the Western tradition as embedded in myth, land and spirit. Following the voyage of the Argo, JSK shows how we can reconnect with the roots of our practice.
   The Testament of Cyprian the Mage completes the trilogy, examining our earliest text, The Testament of Solomon, and a version of the Iberian Book of Saint Cyprian. A profoundly important study with clearly academic rigour wedded to a practitioner’s need for application.
   Further works published by JSK can be found in Diabolical and At the Crossroads which envisage a new dawn for our tradition, engaging again with our ancestors and drawing upon the living examples of the African diaspora religions and Quimbanda in particular. 

Jake can be heard interviewed on Runesoup here, the Occult of Personality here, as well as watched on our Scarlet Imprint YouTube channel.