Dale Pendell

Poet Dale Pendell is the author of the award-winning Pharmako trilogy, a literary history of psychoactive plants. His poetry is widely anthologised, most recently in The Wisdom Book of American Buddhist Poetry. Dale was the founding editor of Kuksu: Journal of Backcountry Writing. His most recent books are Walking with Nobby: Conversations with Norman O. Brown; The Language of Birds: Notes on Chance and Divination; and The Great Bay: Chronicles of the Collapse, a novel.
 He and his wife Laura and a familiar cat live in the foothills of the Sierra in California. Their performance group, Oracular Madness, has appeared at Burning Man. A new play, World Fire Wake, recently debuted at the Nevada County Center for the Arts. In addition to writing, Dale has been a consultant for herbal product development, botanical surveys, and a computer scientist.
 His website may be found here