Carl Abrahamsson

Carl Abrahamsson (b. 1966) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, as a freelance writer, editor and publisher. He has been active on the international occultural scene since the 1980s, with endeavors suh as fanzines (Splasch, Lollipop, Acts Of Interstellar Torture), record labels and publishing companies (TOPYSCAN, Psychick Release, Looking Glass Press, Übertext, Kooks), music making (with projects White Stains and Cotton Ferox), photography, film making, exhibitions, journalism, fiction writing and many other things. Abrahamsson edits and publishes the annual journal/anthology The Fenris Wolf through Edda Publishing, a company he owns and runs together with Swedish artist Fredrik Söderberg. He is also behind the publishing company Trapart, which publishes art books, and the online digi-label Highbrow Lowlife (together with musical partner Thomas Tibert). 
   Abrahamsson frequently lectures on occultural topics at universities, conferences, symposia, art schools and other institutions. He also produces a series of documentary films called An Art Apart (artists’ portraits/interviews). 

Carl Abrahamsson’s collected essays Reasonances is published with Scarlet Imprint in 2014; his work has also featured in the anthology XVI and he presented at our Pleasure Dome event.

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