At the Crossroads Cyprian

Founded in devotion

Scarlet Imprint was founded by Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey in 2007 with the talismanic publication of 156 copies of The Red Goddess; fired by a vision to create work that would inspire an artistic and intellectual revivification in modern magical practice. We have established ourselves, in the following years, as one of the leading publishers of the contemporary occult, with a progressive catalogue of books on the Western magical tradition, witchcraft, the African Diaspora religions, esoteric poetry, drama & occulture.
   Our work is intended to support practising magicians, students of the occult arts, the esoteric community and the fine book arts. Our titles are notable for their erudition and scholarly standards, which are conjoined with the unique insight born of practice and experience. Scarlet Imprint was conceived to enable us, as practitioners and artists, to ‘seize the means of production,’ and give us the creative freedom and editorial independence to publish work that informs, transforms and inspires. Our specialist approach and publishing ethos mean that our books are time and labour intensive, thus we prefer to sell them direct to our readers; buying directly from us is the best way to support our authors, and enables us as an independent publisher to continue to bring the voices of modern esotericism to the printed page. 

Exquisite editions

The hardback editions are printed using offset lithography on heavy weight archival paper. Our fine editions are handbound by master craftsmen to the highest artisanal standards. We pay attention to the detail and spirit of the book: this is talismanic publishing. From the choice of materials – papers, leathers and cloths – to the typography and design, we are committed to the fine book arts and the magic that can be bound into the book itself. A potent and enduring vehicle, the book is a means to communicate and to manifest change in the individual and the wider world.
   Our fine editions have been recognised for excellence, with XVI shortlisted for the prestigious British Book Design and Production Awards in 2011.

Bibliothèque Rouge

Bibliothèque Rouge was founded in 2010, to make our titles available to readers in paperback and digital editions. Egalitarian and libertarian, intended for the transmission of information without restrictions. We believe that students and practitioners of the esoteric arts should be able to have access to the same quality of material, regardless of their income. The content is the identical to our hardback editions; whilst digital printing and e-book technology enables us to keep these titles in print. Books should remain in print for students of the esoteric arts, and not be manipulated by artificial scarcity or the constraints inherent in publishing specialist and niche work. Bibliothèque Rouge paperbacks serve as working copies for those prone to destroying books with candle wax, rain, coffee stains, underlining and annotations. They are travelling companions on the path.

Digital editions

The Bibliothèque Rouge DRM-free digital editions are in epub and mobi formats (with a few in pdf only). Since the new EU VAT law came into effect in January 2015, making it impossible for us to sell the digital editions of our titles, we are including them with the purchase of the physical books bought directly from us; this is the best way to support our authors and independent publishing. Thus, for the present time, the digital edition (when available) will be free with the purchase of the print edition, whether hardback or paperback. A download link to the files will be sent via email following our personal acknowledgement of your order. If you do not have an e-reader, the .epub files can be read with the Adobe Digital Editions software. Please see our terms & conditions regarding the digital edition license.


All the materials we source are archival standard and FSC accredited, for hardback and paperback alike. Our standard editions are printed and bound in the UK by a fourth generation family run press. Our fine editions are hand-bound by the highly respected bindery at Ludlow in Shropshire. Our paperbacks are digitally printed in both the UK and the US, thus minimising the environmental impact and shipping costs. We take our environmental responsibility seriously and produce books of abiding value and beauty.

Alkistis Dimech

Alkistis Dimech is a dancer/choreographer, artist and writer, whose practice is principally grounded in ankoku butoh, a discipline/philosophy of dance that she has trained in and performed since 2002. The sabbatic dance is her personal progression of this ‘dance of darkness,’ a project exploring the intersection of the dancing, affective body, consciousness and practices associated with magic, witchcraft and shamanism. Her dance work is documented at
In 2007 she founded Scarlet Imprint with Peter Grey, and is the typographer and book designer.

Peter Grey

Peter Grey is a writer and co-founder of occult publisher Scarlet Imprint. His published works comprise The Red Goddess, Apocalyptic Witchcraft and  Lucifer: Princeps. His essays have been disseminated widely in print and online, and he has lectured internationally. He is particularly noted for his work on eschatology, ecology and Babalon. He is an exponent of low witchcraft and high ritual.