Trans-States conference videos

February 25, 2017

Videos of the presentations from the 2016 Trans-States conference at the University of Northampton are now online. The transdisciplinary conference brought together academics, independent scholars, magical practitioners and artists under the aegis of The Art of Crossing Over. Our thanks to Cavan McLaughlin and his team for organising and documenting the event.


Becoming No-Man: The blooded path to Babalon
The transformation of the male erotic landscape through magical and witchcraft practices as constellated about the female mysteries of Babalon. Special attention is given to the pact of transformative blood rituals: menstruation, modification, ordeal and the meaning of animal sacrifice. An account of ongoing magical work by a modern practitioner following the skein of menstrual magic anticipated in such partnerships as Marjorie Cameron and Jack Parsons, Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove.


Where the daimon dwells: A chorography of the space between
Performance generates a space for materialisation, for transformation and for the dissolving of boundaries. Movement itself engenders this transfigured space, and makes it visible to the eye and tangible to the senses. In this presentation I will trace the relation of this interstitial space with the dancing body, grounded in an aesthetics and kinetics of the interval. I will discuss the techniques of trance and transformation as a method of presencing the other, in space and in the body; and chor(e)ography as an art of crossing the threshold, where the daimon dwells.


All the videos from the conference are on the playlist below from the Trans-States YouTube channel, starting with keynote speaker Alan Moore: