May 11, 2016

 Thanks to everyone who made the #psychartcult conference such a great success. Kudos in particular to Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson for curating an important, and unique, cross-disciplinary meeting of minds. Great for us to be able to connect with the New York occultists we had only met in virtual space, and to share our work with a wider community of artists and psychoanalysts, who explore a common ground and are engaged in a multiplicity of creative, analytic and sorcerous approaches to describing that ground. We know that the event will not be repeated, but will instead be cut-up and manifest again in the future-present. 

For those who were unable to attend, both print and digital artefacts will manifest, with the texts finding a home in an edition of Fenris Wolf, and the film record of the event will also be uploaded in due course. The text of Alkistis’ presentation, on the dynamics of the occulted body, is available on sabbaticdance.com.

In keeping with the creative process here is a shrine of images from the event, stolen from the many fb and twitter posts.