Lucky Seven

July 7, 2014

Today, on the lucky seventh of July 2014 we mark the seventh anniversary of The Red Goddess. A book to manifest change, a book for Babalon, published under the newly unfurled banner of Scarlet Imprint in a limited edition of an hundred and fifty-six copies on the ritual date of 07/07/07.
   The first copies sold by word of mouth, through networks of friends and accomplices. Few knew who we were.  We did this as an act of love. Many of the readers who sought out this first talismanic text, (bound in attar drenched silk ribbon, wrapped with petals from an overflowing altar, sealed with Her star), are still with us on the journey.


The first edition


The ‘Solstice’ edition of 777 standard hardback and 49 hand-bound devotee copies followed. The design deliberately echoed the first edition, the white cover remained and the Babalon star, as it was manifesting and magnifying the original impetus. We had learned a little more than the rudimentary layout skills and sheer urgency that characterised the first run, having put out Howlings and Devoted in the interim. We were learning our art. This edition made the work available to those who had begun to clamour for it.


The ink stained author’s copy of the Solstice edition


The devotee edition in quarter morocco and red silk boards was our first fine edition and went only to those who wrote to us explaining their desire for it and their relationship with Babalon.

Devotee edition


Inside the Devotee edition


The Solstice edition went out of print, and it seemed a disservice to leave readers to the mercies of the secondhand book market which was beginning to charge exorbitant prices for occult books. The Bibliothèque Rouge edition was conceived to ensure that the work continued to reach readers. We were fortunate to work with the artist Chris Conn Askew who created an epochal image of Babalon based on his initial vision combined with our suggested iconographic elements.


The iconic ‘limitless love’ edition




Behind the original publication of The Red Goddess were seven years of ritual process, bloody epiphanies, catastrophic visions and ecstatic communion. I still bear the marks of those initiatic crises and ordeals. There is no reasonable way to proceed upon this path. She asks for every drop of blood.
   In the fourteen years since it first began, seven before and the seven following, many of my ideas have changed, my knowledge deepened, my ritual processes transformed. Yet my passion is undiminished. I make no claim that The Red Goddess is an infallible text, there are enthusiastic errors and critical omissions, but it remains a love letter and a witness to that which was done. It still arouses, inspires and infuriates readers in equal measure. Most importantly, it enables Her to manifest in the lives of those who fall under the spell of the text. The Red Goddess liberated the image of Babalon from the constraints of dogma and cult. It told a history of the Goddess that was fragmented and is now being written in the bodies and through the actions of her devotees. Above all, The Red Goddess was a love letter that was answered. Without Alkistis none of this would have happened.
   As we enter another seven year cycle we pour our praise to Babalon and offer our thanks to those who have shared the journey with us.
   The flame continues to burn.

With Love

Peter Grey